Intake Process
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Treatment Criteria for Methadone

If you have been opiate involved for approximately 1years or longer and/or have tried other substance treatment programs,you probably qualify for maintenance treatment with us.  Long-term 6 month detox slots are available for those who do not qualify for maintenance.  Either way, there is a a path for longer treatment regiments should this be appropriate.  Clients at HAART can decrease the length of treatment in either slot.     

Treatment Criteria for Suboxone

Update: 11/1/2017:

Dr. Michael Martinez, MD, Medical Director, is not currently accepting OBOT Suboxone patients.  

HAART Hayward will be announcing a more comprehensive Suboxone program for both insured and non-insured patients shortly.   We expect to be up and running after July 1, 2018. 

Intake Process

Update: 1/2/2018:

We are currently accepting new new patients. 

We suggest that you either call or stop by the clinic Monday through Friday between 7:00am and 11am to speak with the Intake Coordinator, Mike. 

Our current Admission days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Appointments are generally scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday is reserved for drop in admission on a first come first serve basis. 

Once you present in person, you will be asked to fill out our Initial Application and Medical History forms and submit a urine specimen.  The state currently requires that a simple RPR blood test be preformed prior to receiving any medication, and HAART will coordinate and pay for this effort.  If you are a past client, are currently in treatment and wish to transfer, or if all the required documentation can be easily attained, we may be able to begin treatment on the same.  Same day treatment may be available for long term detox slots as well.  However, due primarily to bureaucratic requirements that exist for all providers, this same day turn around is not always possible.  We know you want treatment to begin as soon as possible, and we will work with you to make this happened.


Update: 07/01//2016

We are currently equipped to accept referrals through Kaiser Permanente, the Veteran Administration, and to treat Medi-Cal recipients.

As a Veteran, you are entitled to care that is within a reasonable distance to your current residence.  Please contact the VA first if you would like treatment at HAART and for your VA membership to place you and reimburse us for your treatment.  

Individuals with Medi-Cal who are registered as Alameda County residents are also entitled to our care or care by another provider, and may present directly to HAART.  However, Medi-cal will only pay for Maintenance treatment, not detoxification only services. 
HAART is contracted to accept Kaiser Permanente Members.  In order for us to treat you as Kaiser member, we must first receive a formal referral,  All referrals are made through the various CDRP units.  We are regularly working with Union City CDRP.   Please contact the CDRP unit to request a referral to "HAART Hayward", or inquire through Member Services.  This contact information can be found on the back of your Kaiser Member Card. 

For other private insurance carriers, it will be up to you to assist us in attaining pre-authorization before you start treatment should you choose to depend on this approach for payment.  Private insurance in the state of California will sometimes provide reimbursement. Pre-authorization typically result in the payment of treatment.  Independent billing without per-authorization has not been proven effective.  We recommend that you plan on paying privately for your treatment while we work with you to attempt reimbursement.  Any monies that are reimbursed that are above and beyond what you have paid privately will be reimbursed to you by HAART.   

Admission Process
When requirements are fulfilled, you will see the program physician and begin treatment.
If you have questions about one of our programs or would like to schedule an Intake appointment,  please call the intake coordinator at 510-727-9755.

General information questions can be sent via email to info@haarthayward.org.