Humanistic Alternatives to Addiction Research & Treatment Inc

Founded in 1979, H.A.A.R.T Hayward is a community-focused not-for-profit collective of clinicians specializing in medication-assisted treatment (MAT) utilizing opioid replacement therapy, medical monitoring, professional counseling and therapy, case management, and advocacy.

We currently provide supportive treatment for individuals with opioid use disorder.  Substances we work with our clients to address over the course of their treatment may include heroin as well as the disregulated or problem use of substances traditionally prescribed.  This can include oxycodone, morphine, hydromophone, fentanyl, and others.  We additionally work with clients who are poly substance involved and or may have co-occurring disorders. 

HAART offers both maintenance and long-term outpatient detoxification with MAT medication as well as access to overdose prevention medication and resources.
Our clinicians are personally and professionally invested in providing mission driven-care.