Courteous and Timely Treatment


As a nonprofit organization serving Alameda County and the larger Bay Area community for over 40 years, HAART Hayward has earned a reputation as a leader in the field in the treatment of opioid use and as a proponent for human rights.
We provide professional counseling and legal and medically supervised access to opioids in a manner that encourages self-regulation and de-stigmatizes. Our services are evidence informed, humanistically oriented and are based on mutual respect and integrity. We have found over the years that respectful and professional service that empowers the person to take ownership of their own care tends to promote healthy outcomes. We always aim to support our clients in normalizing their lives. 
We have continuously challenged the government’s punitive war on drugs and work with local and state governments to humanize policies and regulations. Our goal is to positively impact the community by providing a safe and effective environment for people who are opioid-involved and need assistance to experience insight and relief. 
HAART is a fully licensed clinic that operates under county, state, federal, and Joint Commission accreditation guidelines.